Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lovers brunch

I was killing time in downtown Nanaimo (pause for laughter) this morning, on my way to a coffee shop, when I struck up a conversation with a homeless man. We talked for a couple minutes and then I said goodbye and crossed the street. I realized that I should invite him to join me, since I can afford a second cup and we could continue our conversation, but when I turned around he was already gone. I continued to the coffee shop, and ordered a coffee and the special of the day. I sat down at a booth and sipped my coffee, suddenly realizing that it's Valentine's Day, so it's a good thing that I didn't invite the homeless man, because how would it look if I saw someone I know and had to explain my "date". I smiled at the thought, happy at having avoided a possibly humilitating situation.

And then the waitress brought me two plates of food and I spent an hour eating my Valentine's Day Special alone at a table for two.


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