Thursday, August 23, 2012

my mom is visiting

mom: I got a room with two beds, so you can stay in the hotel with me.

me: Does it have cable tv and internet?

mom: Probably.

me: Can you find out for sure? This is 'make or break' information for me.

They do have internet and cable tv, and air conditioning, and I'm currently using all three. As soon as we got into our room I turned on the tv and changed it to channel 2, thinking that would take us to tv listings. I didn't notice the menu on screen, indicating that pushing 0-2 would bring on some fine adult entertainment.

What followed was much screaming and button mashing until I finally did get the tv back to regular cable, but unfortunately landed on a movie in the midst of a nude scene. Again there was screaming, with my mother alternately shouting, "Turn it OFF!" and "What is WRONG with you!?" (emphasis hers).

So I watched a tiny bit of porn with my mom. Aside from that, we've had a great visit.


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