Sunday, June 15, 2014


One great thing about my dad, which I think particularly demonstrates his "no bullshit" attitude, is his absolute refusal to participate in Father's Day. For years we did nothing to celebrate the day, and then finally one year I decided to give dad a call to wish him a happy Father's Day. Here's how that went:

me: Happy Father's Day!

dad: Heh. So, seriously, why are you calling?

My father's disdain for Father's Day has surpassed reluctance, annoyance, and even sarcasm. He has reduced the day itself to a joke. That's pretty amazing. My dad's pretty great.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Jo Hammers said...

his disdain for father's day may have a deep seated emotion that is connected with the day from his childhood. People who have someone die on holidays often don't celebrate them. There are other traumas besides death that cause us to react to holidays. I have trouble celebrating Easter, due to something that happened in my own childhood.


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