Saturday, December 10, 2016

UBC Alumnus

When I can't sleep for several hours, and several days in a row, I need something to do to keep my sanity. Something that doesn't involve a screen. I've tried reading, Sudoku, and other puzzles, but if I'm too brain dead I really need something mindless. So I shamefully bought one of those adult colouring books.

I've been working at it this week, but some of the pictures are really intricate. The patterns are often too small to colour in with my crayons, and I run out of different colours. Plus it's oddly overwhelming when there's too much detail.

So I went online and found a Lego colouring book. It's got scenes and characters from the Lego movie, and is much simpler. This is the perfect solution -a mindless and mildly enjoyable activity to pass the time in the wee hours. I was satisfied until I realized, at the age of 32, my colouring book was too hard for me so I bought an easier one.

My Alma mater just emailed me. They want to know what their grads are up to.


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