Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

I dressed up as a cow for work today. It was fun, and I got to wear a hood as part of the costume, which is a rarely acceptable solution for bed head. My hair seems to have reached an awkward length, at which bed head is both chronic and severe. In the past week I have received snark from three separate co-workers (“with bed head like that, maybe you should just call in sick!”), forcing me to resort to a hair contingency plan I call “The Maddow”.

The cow costume went over well with my co-workers, especially with my well-timed entrance to the lunch room, just as the delivery man arrived with a cart full of milk and coffee creamer. “Thank God you’re here!” I announced (I’m sure I could have said almost anything and it would have been hilarious).

So now I have a zip-up cow onesie, which I plan on wearing regularly around the house. More than one co-worker asked if it was actually my pyjamas, re-purposed as a Halloween costume, so that should give you an idea of how much dignity I convey in the workplace (see above, re: bed head). In fact, these people could not be more wrong, because the opposite is true. It is a Halloween costume, re-purposed as pyjamas.


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