Thursday, October 16, 2008

things that piss me off

-people who walk very slowly, in pairs, down narrow hallways or walkways.

-why does my favourite coffee shop in the SUB have a policy against cups that don't leak coffee all over my pants? They sell travel mugs which don't leak, but they come with a stupid slogan about being green and socially responsible. Fuck that noise. I bought one thinking I could just remove the inner sleeve with the slogan on it, and replace it with something tasteful, like Kliban cartoons (I even printed off "it only hurts when I exist" in anticipation) but it doesn't come apart. Jerks.

-people who make plans with me for either Friday or Saturday night, they're not sure which one yet. So I'm supposed to sit around doing nothing on Friday night, just in case they call. Are they worried something better will come along? It wont. You can't top my company.


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