Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bed bath and beyond

So my mother called today to tell me that she had picked out Christmas presents for my brothers and I, and was about to load them into the car and pay for them when she found out that they were not for sale. She was extremely disappointed, and so was I when I found out that she had picked an off-road go-kart for me ('cause she knows I always wanted one when I was a kid), and for my brothers, "the coolest little rocket launcher" (although actually it wasn't little at all; it was large enough to be illegal to use within city limits). The first obvious question is, where is she doing her shopping these days? And the second, if she is shopping at a place that displays go-karts and rocket launchers, then why did I get bedding for my birthday?


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous dan said...

I want to know if the rocket launcher is powerful enough to take out a go-kart!


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