Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some conversations I had last week

Dan: Sorry about the abrupt ending to our last conversation. I just don't like talking on the phone in front of other people.

me: No problem.

Dan: I was sitting on my couch and other people started sitting on it next to me. So it was either, hang up the phone, or get off the couch.

me: Ok.

Dan: I didn't get off the couch.

(when I first typed this up and asked my brother if I could post it, he told me not to leave out the part about drugs. So here's how the rest of the conversation went.)

me: So you just sat there for the rest of the day?

Dan: There were drugs.

me: Drugs are pretty important. In a competition between family and drugs...

Dan: Drugs. For sure, drugs.

also, after what seemed like a pleasant conversation with Tim's dad,

me: All this time I thought your dad hated me, but I guess not. He seemed pretty friendly yesterday.

Tim: Actually, he had no idea who you were.


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