Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today in Unintentional Insults

I bought myself a lunchbox. It doesn't have a picture of The Smurfs on it or anything; it's plain blue and made of metal, and I've gotten a lot of compliments for it in the lunchroom at work. I bought it because my lunch kept getting squished in my backpack, and I really wanted one anyway. And my mom threw away my old Smurfs lunchbox.

I was talking with a friend of my roommates while I packed my lunch, and the subject of my age came up. She was very surprised to hear that I'm 23.

"I thought you were younger. I mean, I thought you were a lot younger."

"is it because of the lunchbox?" I asked.

"Oh no, actually I was going to say that your lunchbox is really cool. A lot of my clients use them."


"I work with handicapped children."


At 7:24 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

what are you working as?? @.@

and if you come to kaboodles, we have lots of tin lunch boxes too, like spongebob and spiderman... diego and dora... lol

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Nic said...

If I wasn't at work right now I would be rolling on the ground laughing my arse off!

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

The lunchbox in question is quite sophisticated, as far as lunchboxes go. I think Théa bought it at an antique shop or something (there is probably a collector somewhere who would be appalled at the idea of someone eating out of it) (never mind the question of "why would Théa be in an antique store in the first place?").

My lunchbox growing up was similar, but superior in the fact that it had a picture of a group of dinosaurs placidly milling about on the front.


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