Saturday, May 09, 2009

friday night alone with my giant salad

Thea: I just ate a salad the size of my head
Damien: Didn't this lead to problems last time?
Thea: I don't recall
Thea: did it?
Damien: You mentioned something about a huge salad and funny bodily issues
Thea: shoot
Thea: I don't remember this at all
Damien: Maybe it later affected your brain
Thea: I wonder what sort of time frame it happened in. I have to go to work tomorrow!
Damien: fairly quickly I think
Thea: was it a really big dump? Cause if it's a really big dump, that's no problem. I can handle that.
Damien: I do not recall
Thea: the only question is, will I ever go on a date with a man if I talk about really big dumps.
Damien: Some men find a practical woman a bonus!
Thea: want to hear about my huge dump?
Damien: not particularly


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At 6:15 PM, Blogger Klaatu said...

If you tell a man about your huge dump, he will become competitive, and not only have to have one bigger then yours, but show it to you as well, so you may compliment him on it.


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