Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have now had this blog for 4 years. In that time I have held 4 different jobs, and lived in 6 different homes with 11 different roommates. This week I moved again, with my current roommate to Main Street, where my long messy hair and shabby clothes are actually in style.

We found our old place over a year ago through a craigslist ad which stated, in all capital letters, that it has 'VERY LOW CEILINGS'. We were ok with that, since neither of us is especially tall. When the landlord responded to our email for an appointment he reminded us, again with capital letters, of the low ceilings. The next day he met us at the front door and let us into the suite, again reminding us (though not in capital letters) of the low ceilings. We looked around and filled out an application, and I thought about saying, "Gee, these ceilings are really low!" just to see what he would do.

Three months ago he told us that we would have to move out. I half expected him to specify that we had to move out of the place with LOW CEILINGS.

Some things have not changed -I am still apparently dressing like a middle aged man. This morning I was sitting in class and noticed that I was wearing the exact same pants as the professor. A few years ago, I went up to my linear algebra professor to ask a question after class, and as I got to the front of the room, we both looked down at eachother and realized we were wearing the exact same sweater (although mine did have a few small holes in it). A pretty good description of most of my wardrobe would be "homeless professor". I wonder if I'm not just purchasing their recently donated clothes from the Salvation Army.

More things that have not changed: I recently attended a family reunion, and not surprisingly, my family is still highly amused by jokes about gender stereotypes. But more on that later.


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

I'm curious and concerned. I don't even remember what jokes about gender stereotypes we laughed at

on an entirely unrelated note, my word to prove that I'm a human being posting this was "thrat"


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