Saturday, November 18, 2006

Apparently I'm Not The Favourite

My roommate brought a friend over yesterday, and I was sitting at my computer in my room, with the door open while she introduced the friend to our other two roommates.

Then my roommate and her friend moved into the living room, next to my room, and were talking about the tap water, which has been contaminated due to flooding. The friend said, "I bet Coke is just making loads of money these days."

From my room, I said, "yeah, I've been washing my face with Coke."

My roommate poked her head in my door, looked at me, then turned back to her friend and said, "Yeah, that's the other one."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

May Cause Ear Infections

I'd like to thank Rory for inventing the Zest Willy. That's when you eat a bag of cheetos and then stick your orange, cheesy finger in someone's ear. It's like a Wet Willy, but zestier, and with a greater chance that the recipient will punch you in the face.