Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And Furthermore, This Class Is Approximately Useless

today in stats:

prof: ...and if we further approximate this, we see that the variance of this function is roughly, approximately, equal to this ...on average.

student: so the standard deviation of the function is approximately equal to the standard deviation of y times that derivative?

prof: very approximately.

Monday, October 23, 2006

We Should Never Have Told Her About The Internet

Last night I was talking to my mother on the phone, and my battery died, cutting her off mid-sentence. This morning when I checked my email, I found that she had emailed me the rest of her sentence. It was a joke about laundry.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Please Hurry, Drain Flow Is Slightly Compromised

Last night I sent a maintenence request to UBC Housing about our refrigerator, which is completely broken. While I was at it, I sent one about our partially clogged bathroom sink as well.

First thing this morning, two maintenence guys came by to unclog our sink. This was less than 10 hours after the request, which is record time for UBC Housing. They fixed our sink and left within 5 minutes.

I'd just like to say Thank You to UBC Housing for the speedy repair of our bathroom sink. And if you get the chance, maybe you could do something about the refrigerator full of rotting food.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Ode To The Garbage Chute

I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided that the best part about living here is the garbage chute. This is the first place I have lived that has one, and it is awesome.

The garbage chute is never full. I don't know where it goes, but I'm picturing some sort of crevice leading to the center of the earth. I can put as much crap as I want in it, and it disappears into the bottomless pit.

There is no weekly pickup day to remember, which I always forgot about and ended up trying to compact two weeks worth of garbage into the volume of one. And even if there was a schedule, it wouldn't matter because it's never full.

The best part is that the same garbage chute is shared by several units, so nobody can know what garbage came from where. If I don't feel like washing my recycling and carrying it up to the recycling bins, there's no way they can catch me. I could throw a dead cat down there if I wanted to.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To My Brother

Stop playing Pokemon or you're out of the family.

Monday, October 09, 2006

This Frees Up My Saturdays For Star Wars Epic Duels

I finally quit my job, after my plan of getting fired went down like a lead balloon.

At my first job, aside from stealing office supplies, throwing a party without asking permission, and mistakenly shredding hundreds of vital documents, I never got to do anything really cool. So at my last job, when I found myself in the position of wanting to get fired, I got excited. My excitement faded when I realized that anything sufficient to get me fired would have to be so extreme that I wouldn't be willing to do it. Instead, I ended up quitting (after a few tries) with a long list of things I should not have done.

This one isn't that bad, but I just couldn't bring myself to post it while I was still working there:

At work I finally got switched to the Granville store. This is awesome, not just because my commute is so short, but also because the Granville store is always dead.

Yesterday there were 3 customers during the first 6 hours of work, purchasing less than $15 in total. Around 5:00, a woman came in to return two baskets, worth $10 each. So it was one hour before I had to close the store, and I had brought in a negative amount of money. As amusing as I found this, I was pretty sure that my boss would not see the humour. So I used my own money to purchase a kids golf set from our toy section and spent the rest of the day setting up and playing mini golf in the gardening section.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Go Me

My roommate told me to finish off the container of Indian food she left in the fridge while it's still good. Unfortunately, since I only ever eat cereal and canned ravioli, I have no idea what Indian food is supposed to taste like. I ate more then half of it before I realized that it had already gone bad.