Monday, June 26, 2006

My Mom Doesn't Think I'm Cool

In grade 8 I was painfully geeky (hard to imagine, I know). I was in advanced math, chess club, and I carried a voltmeter around in my backpack. And unlike most geeks, I couldn't even say "my mom thinks I'm cool". My own mother did not think I was cool, and here's how I know:

The day after parent-teacher interviews, I came home earlier than usual. I could hear my mother on the phone with another parent, talking about the teachers they had met the night before. My mother was saying, "that art teacher, Mrs. Robinson, seems really cool. I think she's one of those cool teachers that get along really well with the cool kids. Of course, Thea isn't cool."

This didn't come as a huge surprise, but it was shocking to hear my mom say it. Since grade 8 I have become less geeky, but I'm pretty sure my mom is still cooler than me.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Still a Bad Person

I'm sitting in the Math Club and this guy is showing me what he learned in cryptography: fields, rings ...actually I've tuned him out and don't remember what he was talking about.

At least I have discovered a new talent -I can appear to be listening and interested while writting a blog post.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More Laziness

I knew it was inevitable, but today it finally happened: I went to work wearing the clothes I had slept in. It's not like I was short on time, either. I rolled out of bed sometime in the afternoon, ate five bowls of Froot Loops, and left for work an hour later. This was purely laziness, and I suspect the start of a major slide.