Friday, December 12, 2014

if you have a good idea, you should write it down

Tim: I don't have a date for the Christmas party.

me: Why don't you take your sister? I'm sure she owes you a favour.

Tim: You have such good ideas, you should write them in a book.

me: I actually do that.
1. A go-carting place for adults only, that serves booze. Drink and drive in a safe and controlled environment.
2. Christmas lights that emit Christmas-themed scents, like gingerbread and nutmeg.
3. A self-driving pick-up truck, with a camper on the back. Get ready for work, on the way to work.
4. Set Tim up on a date with his sister.
5. Crispy Crunch ice cream.

Tim: [status set to "Away"]