Saturday, September 30, 2017


My boss is not a coffee drinker. As such, he never used to come with us to Starbucks, until late last year when a coworker mentioned the Starbucks points system.

“They have points!?” he inquired, suddenly very interested in Starbucks.

He came with us to Starbucks that day, and got a Starbucks card. Within one month, he had purchased so many Starbucks products, that they made him an “elite” member. He received a black and gold Starbucks card in the mail, embossed with his name. For comparison, I’ve been a heavy coffee drinker since I was 13, and have not achieved any similar status at any coffee shop.

He’s a sucker for points, and fast food. So of course I was horrified when 7-11 rolled out their points system earlier this month. We found ourselves at a 7-11 downtown, late last Tuesday after work, and I foolishly questioned his purchase of fried chicken and mystery meat on a stick.

“They have points.” he said, beaming with self-satisfaction.