Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wine Tour

How can you tell when my travel companion has eaten a grape? His head turns into a grape! Hahaha. Does anyone have an epi-pen?

My travel companion, who is allergic to grapes, is joining me on a tour of several wineries in the Okanagan this weekend. He’s a good friend. I’m an ok friend, and I can’t promise that I wont get embarrassingly drunk and belligerent before noon, and ask to be carried back to the hotel. He’s the kind of guy who would do that, and not even be mad later.

I might get embarrassingly drunk by accident because my tolerance is lower. I haven’t had any alcohol in two months, except the complimentary mouthwash I accidentally swallowed at the gym (I may have subconsciously done that on purpose).

If you see a little Honda coming out of the Naramata region, it’s rear bumper weighed down to the pavement with sparks flying at every bump, that’s me. And my poor travel companion.