Saturday, August 31, 2013

ready for fall

This may have been the least eventful summer of my life. I took one vacation day, and didn't even leave the city. The most excitement I had was when I zap-strapped my tablet to the underside of my top bunk so I can watch movies while laying in the bottom bunk. (Yeah, I still have bunk beds. And I love it.) Now I can binge-watch an entire series while expending only the energy required to circulate my blood and breathe.

I'm still living with my brother, who's studying at UBC. I partly blame the PSAs that ran during Saturday morning cartoons when we were children. We were led to believe that staying in school would make us cool, and nobody ever told us when we could stop. And it's not even making us cool.

...unless it's cool that I'm about to get into bed to watch a full season of Archer with a family-sized bag of chips and a screwdriver.