Friday, October 28, 2016

Finally, a blog post about bathroom clogs!

My brother and I have a small issue with the drains in our bathroom. We are so hairy (combined; not pinning the blame on a specific sibling), that it seems no drain can remain unblocked for longer than a few weeks. At this point I’m pro-actively buying Drano, and running it down the drains at an almost even ratio of shower to Drano.

Life has a certain way of evening things out. Twice this month I’ve pulled my running shorts on too quickly and the safety pin on the front, which I use to hold my headphones cord, has gotten caught in my bush and ripped out several pubes. I’m not saying this makes a huge difference, but if I continue at the current rate, it eventually will.

And as an aside: between the running shorts pube incidents, and the time I accidentally got whey powder in my eye, I think I deserve a trophy for “least dignified sports injuries”.