Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming out of the Closet

And it's about time, too. Later this week, I'm moving into a little basement suite with a cute girl I met a few years ago through the math club.

We actually started renting the place last month, but it turns out that moving requires renting or borrowing a vehicle and lifting heavy things, and that's starting to sound like work. So I stayed at my friend's house for an extra month, and luckily my hosts were totally cool with that. I'm not surprised; they're basically the nicest people ever to provide a 12kg bag of coffee beans to an unemployed freeloader sleeping on their closet floor. Here are some interesting facts about them:

-they are all vegetarians, but sometimes you can catch them flipping through the meat section of their Illustrated Cookbook, looking at photos of roasted chicken like it's porn.

-none of them think it's funny when I sing 'Everyone Pees In The Shower' while using their shower.

-they decorated my closet more thoughtfully than I have decorated any room, ever.

Anyhaps, you can now find me about 4 blocks east of their house.