Thursday, December 31, 2015

I owe Joyce an apology

Years ago, I made fun of a friend for wearing children's clothing. In the past week I found myself at Nordstrom's with my good friend and snappy dresser Brad, shopping for some formal clothes for a few holiday events. Specifically, I was shopping for some formal men's clothes. It turns out that I would be a tiny man, because we were quickly directed to the children's section of Nordstrom's, where we found and purchased a child's suit (which fits me perfectly) for just over one hundred dollars.

My friends are having a heyday with this -not the children's clothing part; apparently that was a surprise to nobody -but that I bought clothes that don't look like garbage.

They immediately began complaining that I had become stuck up, because I insisted on taking a cab home in below freezing weather on Christmas Eve. When asked why he was calling a cab, my friend snapped, "It's for Thea's suit. We'll throw the suit in the cab, and then we'll take the bus like normal people."

What, you expect me to ride the bus in my one hundred dollar suit? Come on!