Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ages 5 - 12

I got a Lego Advent Calendar for Christmas this year -the Lego VIP program has some perks for people who spend 3 months salary on Lego.

Every morning while I'm drinking my coffee I open another door in the calendar. I usually take it to work to assemble, so I've got a nice little Lego City growing on my desk. The first few were easy, because they were either simple minifigs or else pictured on the outside of the box. Then they started to get more complicated, and more than once my co-workers came in to find me struggling to assemble a tiny Lego model designed for children.

"I need an adult to help me," I admitted to a co-worker, dumping the Lego pieces on his desk. He returned it to me with the Lego man in a degrading position.

Eventually I gave up and visited the Lego website for help. I found full instructions for each one, but in doing so I gave away every surprise.

Then yesterday I opened the thirteenth door and realized that each one comes with instructions on the inside of the door.