Saturday, June 30, 2012

summer update

My parents sold their trailer. I'm still in Vancouver (sulking, if they ask) making the most of my time. I spent a month at Tim's house, where we coded, watched tv, and made up portmanteaus for weird things Tim does (I call them 'portmantims'). Now I'm back in East Vancouver with my buddies Rory and Adam, still coding and watching tv.

If anyone was worried that I would spend my summer indoors working on my computer tan, I'll have you know that I've already gone to the beach twice. Both times I was lured with liquor, and both times I wore jeans and sneakers. The second time I didn't get out of the car.

My friend Rob was in Vancouver this month, just for a few weeks. Rob has an infectious spirit of adventure, and he's very persuasive. He's the only person who can call me at midnight, after I've changed into my sleeping jeans and started a movie, and convince me to come out for a night of fun. Or at least he's the only person who tries.

So hopefully the rest of my summer is like the past few months. I've spent a lot of time with good friends, and I'm very grateful.

Still a little miffed about the trailer though.