Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free Fries At The Naam

You have to eat them off the floor, but they are free. And unlike other restaurants with food on the floor, the waiter at The Naam will pick it up and give it to you.

Friday, March 23, 2007

They Learn Something New Everyday

A while ago I left a note on the fridge which implied that I've been eating out of the garbage. None of my roommates found this amusing, although to be fair they're all exchange students who are still learning about Canadian culture, so the idea that Canadians regularly eat food out of the garbage was perhaps still plausible.

I've taken it upon myself to educate them about our culture. Last night when they asked if I would go clubbing with them, I replied, "seal clubbing?"

Monday, March 19, 2007

No More "Tiny Head" Posts

Yesterday I came up with an idea for cigarette-flavoured breakfast cereal called Lucky Butts. And that wasn't even the best part of the day.

Tim and I went to a hat store and asked the saleswoman if I have an abnormally small head, and maybe she was flattering me because she smelled a sale, but she told me that it was about average sized.


Saturday, March 17, 2007


Tim had a dream that we were fighting ninjas together. And Mario (of Super Mario Brothers) was there too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The People Have Spoken

So I noticed at Safeway that Reynolds (the makers of aluminum foil) have put out a magazine titled "Cooking With Foil". It's surprising that they could come up with enough material to require a staple, let alone fill an entire magazine, but they did it.

And in the corner of the cover it said "Back by popular demand!" which means that this is at least their second issue, and that their readers asked for more. No wait, they didn't ask for more, they demanded it. They wanted more aluminum foil tips, so they went to Reynolds and did not take no for an answer.