Thursday, April 22, 2010

End of Exams celebration

And a celebration is certainly in order after that performance. Afterall, you can't spell "Nailed It!" without a 'D'.

The best part about exams, right after the convenience of being able to wear the same clothes every day due to decreased social contact, is planning how I will celebrate the end of exams. Last year I celebrated Howard Hughes style, by holing up in my room, eating junk food and watching movies (about Howard Hughes, just to be a little bit recursive as well as reclusive). Unlike Hughes, I didn't urinate into empty bottles, which was more a function of convenience and bathroom proximity than disgust.

After my last exam in December, I came straight home and had a few shots of vodka, which under normal circumstances would have little effect on me. But I had only slept two hours the night before, and hadn't consumed anything except coffee in over 16 hours. Without considering this, I called a friend right away to confirm a date, and I was effectively drunk. When he asked about it, I tried to say, "I only had a bit of vodka, but I guess it worked quick." It came out something like, "I only had a bit of vodka, but it were quack."

I talked to my mother last night, and since I still have two exams to write, she asked me to call her on Monday after my last exam is done.
"Oh, I'll be drunk." I told her.
"And you wont be able to dial?"
"you want me to drunk-dial you?"
Apparently she does. I hope drunk-dialing friends and family doesn't turn into a routine exam celebration. Such a tradition could potentially be more embarrassing than urinating into empty bottles.