Saturday, May 09, 2009

friday night alone with my giant salad

Thea: I just ate a salad the size of my head
Damien: Didn't this lead to problems last time?
Thea: I don't recall
Thea: did it?
Damien: You mentioned something about a huge salad and funny bodily issues
Thea: shoot
Thea: I don't remember this at all
Damien: Maybe it later affected your brain
Thea: I wonder what sort of time frame it happened in. I have to go to work tomorrow!
Damien: fairly quickly I think
Thea: was it a really big dump? Cause if it's a really big dump, that's no problem. I can handle that.
Damien: I do not recall
Thea: the only question is, will I ever go on a date with a man if I talk about really big dumps.
Damien: Some men find a practical woman a bonus!
Thea: want to hear about my huge dump?
Damien: not particularly