Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Summer of Thea

This month I paid off my student loans, and I got a substantial raise and promotion at work.

Some of my friends have been referring to me as "hot shit", and one of my co-workers called me a "rising star". I subsequently accidentally called myself "rising hot shit".

Things are going great. I'm still being compared to Liz Lemon, but it's becoming more favourable and frankly, at this point I'm totally asking for it. Last week my boss was approaching me at my desk, and from a distance asked, "Good God, what are you eating now?"

"Nothing weird, don't come any closer!" I said, shoving my onion and ketchup sandwich into a drawer.

And my friend Cameron is teaching me how to do that thing that rich people do, where they "turn money into more money", so I guess I have two Jack Donaghys. Neither one of them makes hilarious jabs about my hair and clothes, but the rest of my friends and family are certainly pulling their weight.